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Sounds good

- Seems to do the job! - It will be great to create a library in relationship to directory(ries) of our system. We can also think about indexing this last one. And have a view on this. Thanks for implementing this. Rgds,

Great app but keeps asking to be rated

Stop forcing users to rate your app!

Best PDF manager on Mac and iOS

Ne pas hésiter, un logiciel très puissant et parfaitement intégré avec sa version iOS. No hesitation here. Awesome product, perfectly integrated with its iOS version

Almost perfect for PDF reading

As an avid PDF book reader, this app is just perfect. It let me treat my PDF files like they are Kindle books, with annotations, summaries, notes, etc. Also have the app for the iPad. Just the sync between them that could be a little better. Other than that, after many, many, many apps, this is the PDF Reader / Annotator that I’ve found to be the best.

Best PDF-Tool for Mac!

In my opinion the best PDF-Tool for Mac! Especially when you also work combined with the PDF-Expert for Ipad. And the support is very fast, personal and helpful.

Very good app, just one thing...

…missing only „file size reduction”.

Perfect. Its just that simple...

The app surely could be improved here and there with additional markup and form tools. Anyway you wont find a similar powerful and userfriendly Non-Adobe-PDF app that allows easy editing of PDF files including addition of text. Its just a very good app and the support - if you need it - is brilliant and very fast. I really like it and i never regret that ive purchased this app. It replaces the rotten and bloated Acrobat for me and i am until now totally satisfied. Really worth 5 stars - and i really rarly give such an rating.

You only need this one!!

Delivers everything it says it can! Don’t wast your time with other pdf programs/apps form Mac. PDF Expert is all you need, when you need it, in one place!

Good App

hard to edit PDF’s, but as a reader ok

amazing, useful, easy

This kind of app was supposed to be designed years ago, and Readdle made it available, finally! A really good, SUPER fast, easy to use PDF annotator etc for Mac. Excellent, no other words. Customer support very pleasant, fast, helpful.

PDF Expert by Readdle…for mac?!?!? Enough said

I’ve been using PDF Expert for iOS since almost day one. That app has been a life-saver, time-saver, and headache-saver for years. When I saw that it was available for Mac, there was no question that I was purchasing this application. Yes, there are a few bugs, but knowing Readdle they will squash them quickly and this application will just get better and better with age. If you need to annotate or work wth PDF’s in your job in any capacity this is the app to use. It’s brilliantly simple, yet robust enough to do everything you need/want a PDF editor to do. For those saying it’s “too expensive”… what’s your time worth? Cost per use on this app will be fractions of a penny. I paid $22.99 CAD… It’s worth every penny. If it can save me an hour this year, it’s paid for itself.

Brutal - Don’t do it!!!

So .. as an iOS user I thought I would take a “chance” on this … BIG mistake … don’t spend the money on this. Built in Preview is signficantly better that this app. Total let down … It takes my 5 times longer to try and fill in a form than to just print it out and scan it … Readdle … disappointed .. consider I have 3 of your iOSapps … you have let me down … I want my money back!

Still needs work

Certainly better than Preview, that’s for sure. If you need something to Annotate your PDF, look no further. Works great with iOS app and Dropbox integration. The one thing that *absolutely* needs to be fixed is the ability to set PDFExpert as the default viewer. Even going by the Finder that does not work. Very frustrating.

Didn’t work if you want to fill a form

Tried their iOS app, which is not bad. So I bought this one on my Mac to fill a form, which turned out don’t work at all. If you want an app to fill a form, don’t use this one. The picture in the description is buggy.

Can’t even customize a signature or upload one

Very disappointed you can’t even customize a signature or upload one from a jpeg file or PDF file. The iPAD version is much better then the Mac version

Robut but needs mroe features

This is the the best PDF reader on the market. Its robut, solid, and easy to use. There are some draw backs, there are features missing. However, I’m sue over time they will add them. It integrates nicely with iCloud, so when you save PDFs in the PDFExpert folder in iCloud it automatically syncs it across all devices. The beautiful part is that it doesn’t resync the whole document everytime you add a highlight or underline. It only syncs changes. I hope they make it more like the IOS version. With regards to the price, in my opinion its to high, smiply: overpriced. The OSX version shouldn’t be higher than $13.99, and the IOS version $9.99. I’ve submitted a formal complaint about the price to Industyr Canada because price gouging, particularly by a firm that has dominance in the market is considered to be anti-competitive behaviour and violates the abuse of dommiance laws.

Fast. Highly Recommended for Designers.

I’ve been using PDF Expert for a few months now and I’ve come to rely on it. As a designer, I’m constantly outputting PDFs, with many being quite large and complex.PDF Expert does a fantastic job with them. They open instantly and zooming and scrolling are never an issue. It’s so much faster than the bloated Adobe Acrobat, and Apple’s clunky Preview. I still keep Acrobat around for more complex Pre-flighting checks, but the times I need to use it are rare. For an application that I use many times a day, the price was well worth it. One area which I hope will be improved is the addition of a presentation mode which displays a single page at a time.

Great app

I have pdf expert on all my devices. The ability to cross platforms and download my annotations in a meaningful summary influenced me to add pdf expert on to my mac as well as my iPad.

solid choice

For me the main selling point is speed - where Preview lags, PDF Expert glides right through. Responsive and helpful support as well.

Better than preview

The app is good. Works fine, doesnt crash or anything. Only bad part is the price. I got mine with an iTunes giftcard that was a gift and the price was ~$25. Would never have bought at the price its at now. Nothing bad to say about the app except the price. Not worth it in my opinion.

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